Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows
developing future leaders... planning for Maui Nui’s future

What is the Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows Program?

Ka ipu kukui translates to crucible of light.  It is this light that shines in each and every one of us who is willing to make a difference in our environment, in our community, and in our lives.

Maui Nui occupies a special place in the state, country and world. However, as Maui Nui residents, we face many challenges that could erode the unique splendor of our islands. Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows is a year-long program designed to train community-identified future leaders.

A Decisions Maui and Focus Maui Nui initiative, the Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows program was conceived to promote and develop future leaders through a community-based program designed to address planning for Maui Nui’s future.

Each month, the program’s content focuses on the multiple perspectives of Maui’s different challenges.   Through these monthly learning opportunities known as Halawai, participants develop a holistic appreciation and understanding of these unique challenges, ultimately arriving at a more informed framework and a more enhanced network to better address Maui Nui's challenges in the future.

If you know of an outstanding individual you would like to nominate for this opportunity to shine, please contact: Troy Hashimoto or share this application for the program.

Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows Program
p: 808-281-3906  |  e: KaIpuKukui.Fellows@gmail.com

Ka Ipu Kukui
Board of Directors

Lori Teragawachi
Board of Directors
Roselle Bailey*
Tambara Garrick
Amber Hardwick
Jordan Hart
Troy Hashimoto
Scott Nunokawa*
Leilani Pulmano
Clyde Sakamoto*
Jeanne Skog*
Marc Takamori
Royle Taogoshi
Lianne Yoshida
Logan McBarnet
Deidre Tegarden

Advisory Members
Alix Buchter
Yarrow Flower
Kalani Nikaido Ho
Rhiannon Chandler
Rory Frampton*
Gladys Baisa*
Sarah McLane
Stanley Okamoto
Pualani Enos
Susan Clements
*Founding Members